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Top Ten Countries with the largest environmental footprints

People around the world consume more resources that the Earth possesses. The Earth’s bio-capacity became one of the important issues at the RIO+20 Event, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in June.

Here we offer a brief overview on the top ten countries with the largest carbon footprint:

  • Qatar: Air Conditioners and Seawater Desalination: Qatar carbon emissions per capita are the highest in the world and 3 times as high as the United States. Free drinking water is as expensive in production as electricity; the process of desalination is cost-and energy-based.
  • Kuwait: High consumption of Petrol: Due to a poor public transport infrastructure within the country, the emissions are high from road trips which are necessary both for living and businesses.
  • UAE: Maintenance of the world’s largest shopping mall and ski resort: The ski resort and the largest world’s shopping mall are the reasons for high emissions.
  • Denmark: High level of import: Danish consumption of meat is so high and cropland is so limited, that the country needs to import a large amount of grain for cattle, as big as 2 hectares of land per person.
  • United States: Combustion Gas: Americans just love to travel around the country by car. The demand for fuel is high and the country’s carbon emissions are growing.
  • Belgium: High level of import: The situation with Belgium resembles the one with Denmark. Land capacity is very limited. The country is dense populated. The demand for importing increases annually.
  • Australia: High level of consumption: Australians emit 28 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per person. There is an increasing demand for food, wood and pasture, approximately as big as 7 hectares per person.
  • Canada: Energy Consumption: Resources are abundant, but cities consume much energy.
  • The Netherlands: High level of import: The country which is small and dense populated, consumes 6 times more resources (food, energy) as it can produce.
  • Ireland: Agriculture’s emissions: Agriculture in Ireland is well-developed and is the largest source of carbon emissions.

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