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Gardens in the concrete jungle

Singapore opened to visitors its newest attraction – Gardens by the Bay - project featuring 50-meter high man-made mechanical solar-powered Supertrees and climate-controlled biomes. The 54-hectare section has cooled flower domes, multiple heritage-themed outdoor gardens and two lakes.

The concept of Gardens by the Bay has the principles of environmental sustainability. By developing this unique park, much work and effort was put into designing and planning. The aim was to create sustainable cycles in energy and water throughout Bay South Gardens.

Two glass Conservatories replicate the climate of different region of the world, as flora and fauna are from foreign lands. The diverse collections of plants, that they have are not commonly seen in Asia and have high conservation value.

The conservatories are a statement in sustainable engineering applying amazing technologies for energy-efficient solutions in cooling, to reduce energy consumption.

Eleven of the Supertrees have environmentally sustainable functions, generating electricity by converting sunlight into energy providing lighting and aiding water technology. The Gardens lake system acts as a natural filtration system for water from the Gardens, providing biodiversity.

This spectacular project has implemented the newest technologies to create sustainable and efficient park for locals and visitors, setting an example for other urban cities. The horticultural heaven is a contrast to the Singapore’s urban environment, forming part of the overall strategy to transform it into a Garden City.

Oversy Team 03.Jul.2012

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