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Droughts in America will cause bears to starve

This year droughts have been so severe and merciless, leaving few chances for brown bears and grizzly bears to survive through winter and procreate. The droughts have affected the food supply and make this winter tough for those who would find insufficient food supply now.

According to Dave Garshelis of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and co-chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Bear Specialist Group (IUCN BSG) brown bears are in danger, as they are desperately looking for food to get some fat before a winter nap. Insufficient nutrition might have negative impact on procreation and feeding of cubs. If a body condition is poor, the milk will be poor too, which will slow and weaken the process of cubs’ growing and strengthening. Even if the bears succeed to procreate they will face severe hunger in spring, as their metabolism gets back to normal, which will ask for more food. However, the food supply will still remain scarce.

Besides the starvation bears would be exposed to another risk. Bear hunters will use this natural disadvantage and will have an easy access to hungry bears, as they will be attracted by food and entrapped much easily. This means more bear mortality.

Oversy Team 15.Aug.2012

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