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The Sustainable Development Solution Network

United Nations Secretary‐General BAN Ki‐moon announced a New Sustainable Development Initiative. The network will provide an independent global, open and inclusive process to support and scale up problem solving at local, national and global levels.

The Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) is a new independent global network of research centers, universities and technical institutions to help find solutions for some of the world’s most pressing environmental, social and economic problems. The initiative will work closely with business, civil society, UN agencies and other international organizations to identify and share the best pathways to achieve sustainable development.

According to UN, substantial emphasis will be put on collaboration across countries to analyze common problems and learn from each other’s experiences. The global network will promote new, more effective approaches addressing the complex economic, social and environmental challenges. As part of this network, businesses operating with technologies will work alongside scientists, policy analysts and community leaders to understand and anticipate new technological opportunities to address economic, social and environmental constraints.

Oversy Team 22.Aug.2012

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