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New York City prepares for climate change

As climate change has become more challenging in recent years, NYC takes on step further aiming to establish a coordinated response.

In 2008, the Council passed the New York City Climate Protection Act to create a timetable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the five boroughs and to promote urban sustainability. This legislation continues the work of the Council to help the City adapt to the ever-changing environment for future generations.

According to the Council of the City of New York, the new bill will require the Panel’s scientists to project the impact of climate change on the city using the most recent data available every three years. Agencies will develop plans and policies based on the Panel’s recommendations to help the city adapt to the changing climate. The Mayor’s Office in order to achieve better results will inform public with the newest findings on climate change putting emphasis on education and awareness. According to Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn this legislation will serve as a model to the world for how local governments should plan for climate change.

Oversy Team 24.Aug.2012

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