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Ocean Conservation by Pacific Nations

Last week on the Island of Rarotonga the Pacific Islands Forum was held with a group of representatives from 16 neighboring countries, who came together and made some of the largest ocean commitments towards the sustainable management of their oceans, which make up an immense 10% of the world’s ocean area.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary paid a visit to the forum and emphasized the necessity of strengthening its conservation commitment between the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) and the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM).

The initiatives announced at the Forum are groundbreaking: The Cook Islands unveiled a brand new marine park, the largest marina park in the world, at 386,000 square miles, which is half of the national territory. This area is set aside for conservation, recovery and sustainable development. Together with this news, the authorities of New Caledonia announced their intention to establish a 540,500 square mile marine protected area in their portion of the Coral Sea.

The members of the Forum created the concept of the Pacific Oceanscape two years ago, which includes nearly 40 million square miles of the Pacific Oceans and its islands. The Pacific Oceanscape hosts the largest world’s tuna stock, which provides one third of the world’s tuna catch.

The Pacific Nations also rely on the developed countries to come together and reverse the threats of climate change and rising seas, as they are the first to notice and experience the impact of the global climate change.

Oversy Team 03.Sep.2012

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