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The Caribbean Coral Reefs are in BIG Danger

Coral Reefs play a great role in the life of the Oceans. They are important ecosystems that provide a shelter to younger fish and protect them from predators while they are still young, as well as reefs are great food sources for younger fish.

Severe environmental problems put the coral reefs in danger. Over-exploitation, water pollution, climate change and all sorts of human impact bring the Caribbean Coral Reefs to the collapse. The decline of the reefs is being rapid. Unfortunately, there are no signs of coral death slowing.

According to the scientists, 75% of the Caribbean’s Coral reefs are in danger along with 95% of Southeast Asian Coral Reefs.

The limits of fishing and ban of run-off waters containing fertilisers from neighbouring farmland can stop this rapid death of coral reefs.

This week Jeju Island is hosting the World Conservation Congress which needs to call for urgent actions to stop the extinction of the Coral Reefs.

Oversy Team 11.Sep.2012

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