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An Open Letter on Global Warming

Today the group of environmental campaigners including senior figures at Greenpeace, Oxfam and the Women’s Institute together with the designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and the environmental campaigner Bianca Jagger published a letter on global warming in the Guardian.

The major concern is the approach of 2C temperature mark crossing. The European Union together with the United Kingdom has set the 2C mark as a line the world should not cross.  The rise in temperature will result in more natural disasters, such as flooding and changes to sea levels, more droughts, inflammation of diseases, flora and fauna degradation and many more negative and irreversible changes on the planet

The campaigners warn 2C mark crossing is inevitable if no serious measures are taken to mitigate human’s impact on climate change. The turning point might be crossed less than in 50 months. They appeal politicians: “To create jobs, more secure energy systems and less pollution, investing in a massive energy-efficiency drive, and a programme to expand renewable energy are just of the more obvious steps that could benefit the economy and the environment.”

Oversy Team 01.Oct.2012

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