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Great Barrier Reef under Threat

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s biggest natural wonders, which is experiencing the results of climate change.

Tropical Queensland is famous for golden beaches and is one of the largest tourists’ attractions. However, there is no doubt that the biggest tourists’ magnet that draws millions every year is undoubtedly The Great Barrier Reef.  It stretches 135 000 square meters beneath the waves of the Coral Sea. UNESCO has named the Great Barrier Reef - one of the World Heritage Site. Besides its beauty and uniqueness, it bears great economic value in the amount of appr. 5 billion dollars, paid to the treasury from the tourism industry.

The recent reports say that the changes in the coral reefs’ covers have become obvious. Almost 50 per cent of the coral reefs surface has been damaged or wiped out by natural disasters, including cyclones and floods.  Another reason for its damage is coral eating crown thrones star fish.  Thirdly, the coral reef has been bleached due to climate change and temperature raise.  Heavy industries in Gladstone also leave its impact on the underwater eco-systems but the local authorities state they will grow the heavy industry and agriculture as conservation of the reef is impossible without investments, and reasonable and sustainable development of the economy. They emphasize that reasonable development in the area will help to preserve life of the coral reefs.  

The Great Barrier Reef Conservation is in the hands of specialists from the Great Barrier Reef Park Authority who remains optimistic in the issue of conserving the coral reef. They underline that everyone is aware of the reefs conservation being extremely precious to the environment and economy.

Oversy Team 23.Oct.2012

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