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The Super Power Storm Sandy

According to the BBC News at least 40 people have been killed, millions have no power and transport has been paralyzed across the north-eastern US coast as storm Sandy headed north.

The tropical storm Sandy earlier seriously damaged Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba reached the US coast on Monday night.  It caused heavy snowfalls over West Virginia on Tuesday afternoon.  

The US officials say this storm is the one of the worst storms that America has faced in history. Damages and losses are devastating. The total cost of property damage and lost business is estimated at between $10 billion to $20 billion. The destructive power of the storm changed lives of millions of Americans in minutes.  The nation is strong in front of the face of this natural disaster that turned houses and shelter of thousands of people into ruins.  Firefighters, rescuers and volunteers are doing heroic job to save lives of those whose lives are still in danger.  

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Oversy Team 31.Oct.2012

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