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Bananas vs Potatoes or instead?

According to the report of the group of experts in response to a request from the UN’s committee on world food security, the climate change could lead to bananas becoming a critical food source for millions of people.
The climate change will make world temperatures grow and the weather will become more changeable, which will result in worse potato growing, as this crop best grows in cooler climate. Scientists predict the world’s biggest crops in terms of calories such as maize, rice and wheat will also decrease in many agricultural countries. 
They believe that cassava, cowpea plant and bananas could play increasingly important roles as temperatures rise.  However, the question of people getting used to this food remains open.  Bruce Campbell the program director believes that people will adapt quickly, as this precedents have happened before. People have changed their habits because of the pricing and he thinks this will be the case. 

Oversy Team 02.Nov.2012

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