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Hybrid, eco or conventional?

Will eco-cars become a part of our future? With this question in mind the organisers of the eco-car race from Brighton to London started the race.

30 low carbon cars travelled from Brighton to London to attract people‚Äôs attention to the problem of carbon emissions from our everyday travels by cars.  The statistics is not anodyne: only 750 eco cars have been sold since the beginning of this year in comparison to 20 000 hybrid cars sold at the same period. The problem with eco-cars is their price. Although next year Renault is going to launch Renault Zoe Eco Car at the price of 14 000 pounds which is double less than of the competitors. However, an owner of such car will need to pay for the battery rent. So it still remains expensive. In comparison to hybrid cars which become more and more adapted to real life circumstances and become more posh. Some new hybrid cars use electric power at lower speeds and petrol at high speeds. However, the price still remains impressive.   
There is a good sign from conventional car concerns as new models of conventional cars are becoming less consuming petrol and become more and more eco-friendly. 
We will see with time who will win the race. 

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Oversy Team 06.Nov.2012

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