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Threat to Pandas and Bamboo

Climate change will unenviably wipe out bamboo by the turn of the century. This means extinction of pandas is feasible.

Pandas have originated from China but nowadays they live in the wild in a much smaller region than they once inhabited. They have been pushed into the mountains of a few provinces scattered in south-western China.  17 per cent of the whole wild giant panda population reside on the Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi province, which are around 275 wild pandas.  Their isolated habitation makes them more vulnerable to the loss of food resources.
The sole product on the pandas’ diet is bamboo, which now covers the forest floor where pandas live. However, the scientists are concerned that climate change will decimate pandas’ number as bamboo is very much affected by rising temperatures.  They say bamboo will vanish as a result of rising temperatures.  The engaged scientists examine probable options of either relocation and/or ensuring pandas access to the areas where bamboo would remain less affected by rising temperatures and taking conservation efforts to protect areas that have a better chance of supplying pandas with food, despite climate change.  
This case is another example of biodiversity, which unites every single element on the planet. If one element in a chain is ruined, it has consequences on many. Raising awareness and taking actions are measures that can mitigate the negative impact of climate change on the biodiversity.    

Oversy Team 12.Nov.2012

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