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Threatening Numbers

On the threshold of Doha Negotiations’ results Oversy overlooks the latest data of climate change impact on the Planet. Numbers and data are taken from the World Bank, the Weather Meteorological Organization, the World Energy Outlook and the UN Data.     
During the last 10 years we have experienced 9 of the hottest years on record. Extreme heat will become more and more normal in the coming decades, says the World Bank’s study. Tropical South America, central Africa and the islands in the Pacific will suffer the most from long heat waves.  
The Global Carbon Dioxide emissions have risen by 50% since 1990. This has a continuing tendency with the consequences difficult to predict.  The Carbon Dioxide has reached 390.9 parts per million, roughly 40% higher than the level before the Industrial Revolution.  
According to WEO predictions global energy demand will increase by over 1/3 in the period up to 2035. That means CO2 emissions rise from an estimated 31.2 Gt in 2011 to 37.0 Gt in 2035.With these indicators an average temperature will increase for 3,6 degrees Celsius with changes in climate and biodiversity.  
These are only few numbers that we will be heading with for our uncertain future.  Being aware of climate change and its direct impact on our lives and the lives of our children and spreading this knowledge around needs everybody’s attention and participation.  

Oversy Team 27.Nov.2012

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