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CNN Hero of the Year announced

On Sunday Night (2 December) CNN announced the Hero of the Year - the winner is Pushpa Basnet.  
A young (29) and brave woman from Nepal, Pushpa Basnet, supports kids whose parents are incarcerated.  She started a home for kids in Kathmandu when she found out that kids whose parents were imprisoned and who did not have any relatives that could take care of them, were taken to prisons together with their parents.  She started her children’s center in 2005 and has helped more than 140 children since then. Her ambition goes further; she wants to work with the government to bring all children out from prisons. She believes kids are innocent and deserve a better future.  
When accepting the Hero of the Year award, Basnet said: “Mamu’s going to take you out from the prison, and you’re coming to my place. This is for my children, and this is for my country Nepal.”
Pushpa Basnet was awarded for her work with $250 000 in addition to the $50 000 that each of the top 10 Heroes received.  Besides, the financial support, Pushpa and nine more heroes will receive free training from the Annenberg Foundation, which will provide practical guidance on fundraising, communications and management.
CNN Heroes initiative celebrates its 6th anniversary this year; since 2007, 45 000 nominations have been submitted through the website and 180 CNN Heroes have been profiled on CNN. This is a unique opportunity to find out about people who help to change the world and make the lives of others better.      
Photo credit: CNN

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