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Charity to save Rainforests

A tropical rainforest the size of Wales (over 2 million hectares – mainly in Africa) is now safe thanks to charity.

Founded to protect the rainforest, the charity has achieved its goal, raising £2m in three years.

Welsh environmentalists founded the ‘Size of Wales’ campaign because media often used Wales as a comparator to gauge the scale of rainforest destruction; you could read in headlines, for instance ‘A rainforest the size of Wales has been destroyed’ or ‘a rainforest twice the size of Wales has gone’. Welsh are, however, flattered that Scotland and England never seemed to get such attention.

The funding will go to 20 projects securing community land rights, protected areas, and community forest conservation, as well as limited re-afforestation.

‘Size of Wales’ will keep on operating to ensure the land is secure, and people in Wales will be educated  about their impact on tropical forests.

Denmark and Ireland are now discussing copycat campaigns. The project’s organisers encourage people in Europe to raise funds to protect an area of rainforest the size of Europe, as they have contributed substantially to deforestation over the century.

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