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Milk into Silk

Recently one of the most significant breakthrough has happened in the textile industry, as German biochemists have found a way how to create natural fabric out of milk.

Anke Domaske, a biochemist invented a fabric called QMilch which is entirely made of milk with no chemicals added thus bringing on no allergies. The process of turning milk into silky fabric is simple and basically “starts in the kitchen”. Left over milk that is no good for consumption is taken and fermented into lumpy cheesy substance. This substance is turned into milk powder, similar to protein powder. A secret recipe, Domaske’s invention, turns powder into yarn, which is later woven into silky fabric.

The process of QMilch production is less damageable to environment, as it does not involve chemicals, waste-free and takes 10,000 times less water. You need only 2 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of Qmilch in comparison to 20,000 liters of water in production of 1 kilogram of cotton.

This fabric, soft to touch and harmless to the environment can change the future of fashion industry.

Oversy Team 06.Jul.2012

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